Rectifying the Consciousness of Eating
by FruiTanya
Shalom LeKulam (peace/hi  to everybody), my name is Tanya Manno, born 6th of Av 5743 (16 July 1983) in Rome, Italy, I'm 26 years old, single, fruitarian/appletarian. I'd like to share my story with You.

Many time I've been asked and asked myself: what's Fruitarianism and how does it feels like being a Fruitarian?

Discover Your True Self

Well, briefly I could answer that for me
Fruitarianism is not just about eating  a tot percentage (you choose it) of fresh fruits...
Being a Fruitarian means to reveal Adam's  full potential.
Every human being possesses a seed (chochmah - knowledge) inside of him/her and must grow to become finally like a tree bearing fruit.

My Personal Journey into the Amazing World of Fruit

I have been on a high fruit raw vegan diet for 1 year and half and was feeling fine but at a certain point I refused seeds, nuts and green leaf vegetables because they weren't tasting so good anymore but I kept the spring onion and celery as condiments for my fruitvegetables salads (zucchini, tomatoes, peppers..). I was doing fine, my health was superb and never felt greater before. After a while I broke up with my fiance and suffering was so intense that I fasted for some days. During this time the desire to go 100% fruitarian arised inside of me and finally I got rid of onions and celery. That was the first days of March 2010.
I can say it all happened due to the pain I felt for this broken heart but later I realized that there was something else going on in the background.. I just couldn't figure it out that time, I was not yet "ready".
Quickly after that I experimented a daytime apple monodiet, which I still continue to apply nowaday and this sistem definitively "opened up my eyes", just like Adam and Eve's account in Genesis 3:7.

Spiritual Awakening

I studied Chassidic thought and Kabbalah for 9 years but never realized before that when the Torah (Pentateuch) is talking about trees and Midrash (compilation of homiletic teachings on the Bible) is hinting at apples, they are actually meaning every single word of it!
So I took my Jewish books and started to read over with different eyes and a whole new dimension appeared in front of me, a vision of total freedom and profound wisdom.

A New Soul in a New Body

With this new diet my body detoxicated even more and all my senses (physical, mental and spiritual) became more sensible and I have been able to become more aware of the world inside and outside me. In fact they are the same dimension; they just appear different to those who cannot switch their perspective, that cannot loose egocentric grip. And this is a thing you can solve rectyfing the very act of eating. If we carefully read Genesis  we notice that "sin" happened only after Adam bite, not from Eve's! The woman shared the fruit with her husband, while he couldn't resist the temptation to keep it for himself only...
Thus, when we do eat with a selfless intention, when we do eat with the intention to nourish ouserlves in order to benefit creation and our fellows human being, we are truly "ripen" (ready) inside and outside and we can finally take of the fruit of the Etz Chayim (Tree of Life).
Animals and plants automatically do so because this is the main "program" running in the background of Creation, as God divinely designed but we, humans, have the "gift of choice", the power to choose between life and death (as repeated in Deuteronomy 30:19), between what's "good" (sharing and caring for all creation) and  "bad" (keeping things for ourselves). There weren't two trees in the Gan Eden (Garden of Eden); sages say there was just one big tree, and that was the Tree of Life.
It was human consciousness while picking the fruit that splitted in two, causing a "break" at a very deep level of "existence". The Ish and his wife (Adam and Eve) then got disconnected from this "paradisiac dimension" and things got worse and worse until present day..
We are not so different from our own progenitors after all; everyday we are sinning just like them, everytime we eat egoistically, for our own pleasure and forget about others, being in form of a mineral, vegetable and animal life.

I think the "break" I had with my exboyfriend and the subsequent abstinence from food somehow re-connected me back to the Edenic consciousness prior to the fall.

Thou Shall Not Kill

Fruit is karmically-free food par excellence but still we can partake of it on a selfish way and this can cause some spiritual and phisical blockages as well.
Definitely, we should all come to the conclusion that killing another living being is not fair, especially when, at the present moment in our history, we could use technology to restore an environment that allow us to sustain ourselves solely with fresh and delicious fruits we were designed for.

Holistic Nourishment

As I said, during the daytime I eat just apples while at "dinner time" I use to have a fruitvegetables salad made up of zucchini, tomatoes, red peppers; sometimes I also add cucumbers and pumpkin.
I do not eat any seeds, roots, nuts or green leaf vegetables. When I eat just one kind of fruit during the daytime, I found out with time that  I feel more inspired, focused and spiritually lifted rather than in the night, probably because our "serpentine" brain (digestive system) doesnt get distracted into "thinking" too much about switching rhytm to digest different types of fruit.

What I am doing with my life

I currently live in Rome, Italy and I'm a freelance writer. I created the first Fruitarian Blog in Italian language where I share my personal experiences plus I collect and translate many articles on Fruitarianism for all those people who cannot understand English language and want to know more about this topic. I enjoy going out in the woods, at the lakes, mountains and sea. I like being in contact with Nature, walking through trees and bushes picking some berries :)
I would like to grow a luscious fruit orchard one day.

Going Fruitarian...

Usually when people ask me how to go fruitarian, I like to recall an old talmudic story of a layman who goes to a rabbi and ask if he could teach him the whole Torah (Pentateuch) in the time that he could stand on one foot. Rabbi Hillel answered: "That which is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. That is the whole Torah; the rest is commentary. Go and study it."
The same apply for fruitarianism as well.
So my message is: Go out in the wild, attune yourself with Nature, read the Living Words of Torah embodied in every single creature all around you; you'll eventually start eating fruits without noticing you are a fruit eater, because in truth, you are much more than that.